The contents of this publication do not necessarily represent the official views of Norway. NPE. 4-Nonylphenol, branched and linear, ethoxylated A brief description of the scope of these registers can be found in Section 


Prohibition on the placing on the market and use of nonylphenol and nonylphenol ethoxylate 4. No person shall place on the market or use nonylphenol or nonylphenol ethoxylate as a substance or constituent of preparations in concentrations equal to or higher than 0.1% by mass for any of the following purposes -

What does the legislation say? According to REACH, NP and NPE shall not be placed on the market, or used, as substances or in mixtures in concentrations equal to or greater than 0,1% by weight for the following purposes: The can manufacturers changed their coating material to the low bisphenol A resin or PET films and voluntarily regulate its migration limit to under 5 or 10 ng/ml. Nonylphenol was found in most PVC wrapping films and gloves. It was generated from an oxidant, tris (nonylphenyl) phosphite. 46a.

Nonylphenol can do which of the following

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An important source of nonylphenol in the environment is unreacted nonylphenol in plastic, which may result in direct human exposures when the chemical leaches out of plastic in close contact with foods. Ever since nonylphenol was first synthesized in 1940, its use and production have been increasing almost exponentially. Standards (EQSs) for a number of chemicals following concerns about their potential effects on the aquatic environment. This report is one of a series produced in fulfilment of the contract. Nonylphenol has been identified by the Environment Agency as a problem chemical.

(organic chemistry) Any of a family of closely related organic compounds, a subset of the alkylphenols, that are precurs Chemsrc provides 4-Nonylphenol(CAS#:104-40-5) MSDS, density, melting point, boiling point, structure, formula, molecular weight etc. Articles of 4-Nonylphenol are included as well.

What does nonylphenol mean? (organic chemistry) Any of a family of closely related organic compounds, a subset of the alkylphenols, that are precurs

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2G Cont If the product to be carried contains flammable solvents such that the flashpoint does not. in textile industry : Reduction of nonylphenol, brominated flame retardants and clothes that are no longer used, which is what the company re:newcell does. resulted in that the following methods were selected for the study: ozonation,  av E Björnberg · 2016 — also contain adjuvants or pigments and dyes, but these usually do not affect the Plants can take up pharmaceuticals from contaminated soils through their roots, and For example, it has been seen that the high adsorbed 4-n-nonylphenol. These substances are also believed to disturb processes in STPs due to their The genes giving the ability to perform these mechanisms can, under the right estrogen, and nonylphenol content across a range of European sewage plants  following standars, see appendix 1 at page 6/6. För övriga kunder However, the prohibition does not apply in those cases a Nonylphenol-ethoxylates 8). As such, we try to avoid these types of plastics when we Dell does not permit the use of any flame retardant that is Surface-active agents 4-Nonylphenol.

Other substances that can degrade into nonylphenol are used in paper and board FCMs (ethoxylated nonylphenol, CAS Nr. 9016-45-9 and CAS Nr. 26027-38-3, EFSA 2011).
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Nonylphenol can do which of the following

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t 7 Jan 2012 Results indicate that advanced oxidation processes can result in effective (>95%) removal of NP from water. These techniques can be used for  ethoxylate will be degraded into nonylphenol through pathways as shown in Fig. 2 8). On the other hand, the following calculation formula was used in order to eral areas, and their results do not represent the state of pollution in 11 Feb 2014 The following table summarizes the assessment of relevancy of the Does not meet minimum data requirements for Group 1 or.
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Other substances that can degrade into nonylphenol are used in paper and board FCMs (ethoxylated nonylphenol, CAS Nr. 9016-45-9 and CAS Nr. 26027-38-3, EFSA 2011). In the US, TNPP is cleared as an indirect food additive. Reference. Mottier, P. et al. (2014).

The chemicals nonylphenol and BPA both disrupt cell cycles resulting in chromosomal abnormalities. Under normal conditions, each round of mitosis should result in two identical daughter cells.